After several weeks, Teclib’ is happy to announce the release of GLPI 9.5.5.

This release fixes a security issue that has been recently discovered. Update is recommended!

You can download the GLPI 9.5.5 archive on GitHub.

You’ll find below the list of changes in this bugfixes version:

  • Stored XSS in plugins information (CVE-2021-3486 by @n3k00n3)
  • fix entity creation
  • removal of raw html in massive actions list
  • fix issue with date_creation fields updated with older instances of MySQL servers
  • fix wrong count of software counts in assets
  • Fix Core API errors on deprecation checks

The full changelog is available for more details.

We would like to thank all people who contributed to this new version and all those who contributes regularly to the GLPI project!

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