GLPI 9.5.5



After several weeks, Teclib’ is happy to announce the release of GLPI 9.5.5.

This release fixes a security issue that has been recently discovered. Update is recommended!

You can download the GLPI 9.5.5 archive on GitHub.

You’ll find below the list of changes in this bugfixes version:

  • Stored XSS in plugins information (CVE-2021-3486 by @n3k00n3)
  • fix entity creation
  • removal of raw html in massive actions list
  • fix issue with date_creation fields updated with older instances of MySQL servers
  • fix wrong count of software counts in assets
  • Fix Core API errors on deprecation checks

The full changelog is available for more details.

We would like to thank all people who contributed to this new version and all those who contributes regularly to the GLPI project!

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GLPI 9.5: release candidate.

First look at GLPI 9.5

In some weeks we will launch the new major version of GLPI: 9.5.

A lot of new features will be available, here is a short list:

  • New marketplace for plugins.
  • Impacts and dependencies vizualisation for assets.
  • New graphical and customizable dashboards.
  • New canned responses for follow-up form.
  • Support for field templates for Problems and Changes.
  • Kanban board for project management.
  • Enhanced planning view and a new full caldav server.
  • Timezones support.
  • Impersonate function for super-admins.
  • Various improvements in UI and UX.

Consult the full changelog for a more complete list.

Please note, we dropped Kerberos support in mail collector setup as we needed to move to another library for mail support that does not provide this option. Please contact us if it’s an issue for you.

Today, we upload the release candidate archive for this version.

How can you help us ?

Download the rc archive, test the migration and the new features (you may also test the existing ones) and report us the issues you encounter on the bug tracker (tag it as ).

Translators, please, add missing sentences for your language on transifex.

GLPI 9.4 is here!

GLPI ITSM software version 9.4 is released!

Thanks all users who has downloaded and tested release candidates, helped us to find bugs, fix issues. Together we are creating better software to manage IT infrastructure easily.

Let´s have a look at the main features of GLPI 9.4:

Search engine: nested criteria.

GLPI ITSM nested criteria in search engine

The search engine available in all lists of items now allows to construct much complex queries.
A new group button is available to separate a set of criteria from other ones. You can set a different operator for the entire group.
The resulting query will be surrounded by parenthesis.

We also added some minor changes to this part:

  • A new type of search: notcontains.
  • Changes can now be filtered with global rules.
  • Review of the interface to make different actions clearer.

Note that your old saved searches (bookmarks) are still compatible with the new engine.

UX : Knowbase and FAQ.

Browse tab in knowbase

The Browse tab in the knowbase have been revamped.
A tree is now displayed for the categories and each shows a badge counting the number of articles associated to the category.

Timeline for Changes and Problems.

GLPI Timeline for Changes and Problems

Thanks to Curtis Conard, you can add followups to ITIL changes and problems and these object now have a timeline tab to regroup their followups, tasks, documents and solutions.

Followups split and Tickets merge.

Thanks to Curtis Conard, tickets now have 2 new actions:

  • Split a followup: create a new ticket copying a followup (a link is kept in the old ticket)

split a followup button

  • Merge a ticket as a new followup in an existing ticket with massive actions option.

merge a ticket massive action


Assets rules engine.

Assets rules engine UI

In this release, we provide a new rules engine to automatically update some fields when an asset is created or updated.
For example, you can assign a specific technician when a computer become a part of an entity.

Centralized command line tool.

centralized console for cli commands

The scripts folder provided in GLPI archives had a lot of scattered files. With this release, we started a console (available by the php bin/console command, see documentation)
centralizing old scripts. Not all scripts have been migrated but we will do the work step by step in futures releases.


  • Lock of user personalization tab.
  • New action in business rules for tickets targeting the completename field (before, you can only target the short name of categories).
  • New device type for assets: Modem.
  • CAS 3 authentication support.
  • Rich text option deleted (GLPI is now only in rich text in ITIL objects).
  • A new field in user form: responsible (you can sync it with ldap server).

Under the hood.

We are working hard to have GLPI more stable and reliable.
Here is list of topics we did in this release :

  • Code coverage for unit testing, since 9.2 with the addition of unit tests, we progress on the coverage of all source code.
  • SQL Iterator, an old topic, GLPI framework provides a class to abstract SQL query generation. We replaced a lot of raw MySQL queries recently. The final goal is to permit the usage of others SQL engines (like Postgres). It’s not here actually, but we are on the road to do it.
  • SCSS is now the official GLPI format for stylesheets. We have an automatic compiler for developers (use it, it’s css with superpowers) and also for plugins.
  • Session as cache, like we did on 9.3, we store more and more in cache to provide you a speedy ITSM tool.


Download: on GitHub.

What makes GLPI Network so great?

GLPI Network is an incredible ITSM software tool that helps you plan and manage IT changes in an easy way, solve problems efficiently when they come and allows you to take control over your company’s IT infrastructure.


Meet the new tool that will become your control tower for all your IT Infrastructure!


So, what makes GLPI Network so great? It is all-in-one ITSM solution which combines different tools for many IT challenges your company’s infrastructure might be facing.



Dynamic inventory with or without agent (GLPI inventory module ex Fusion)

If you have a bunch of devices all over the world and a strict security protocol, it can be pretty hard to take inventory of them. GLPI Network offers you a solution – a dynamic inventory with or without agent (GLPI inventory module ex Fusion)!

Instead of plugins GLPI Network connects to all your devices through Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). SNMP is an Internet Standard protocol for collecting and organizing information about managed devices on IP networks and for modifying that information to change device behavior. GLPI Network is also connected to VMWare Virtualization Inventory that allows companies to transform, manage and optimise their IT systems´ infrastructure through virtualisation.



Features for inventory and asset management.

Are you in charge of too many different devices? Not a problem! GLPI Network provides numerous advanced features for inventory and asset management. Get the full information about the state of: PCs and servers, printers, monitors, consumables and cartridges, IP phones, software, locations, switches, routers and etc.

GLPI Network gives a full report about all modifications made, localize assets by geographic area, track equipment lifecycle, – to sum up, handles the whole system.



Mobile device management plugin (Flyve MDM)

Do you have a lot of corporate mobile devices which you would like to have a total control over? GLPI Network provides you with a mobile device management plugin (via Flyve MDM). This smart plugin allows to evaluate all  devices (iOS and Android based) to understand better where efficiency might be improved.


Meet Flyve MDM plugin, which combines the following functions:

  • Mobile devices monitoring & management
  • Mobile software monitoring & management
  • Enforcing security and corporate policies


Deployment solutions.

Need to deploy applications? GLPI Network includes a package of deployment solutions on remote computers:


  • teledeployment of Windows applications
  • teledeployment of Linux applications
  • teledeployment of iOS applications (via Flyve)
  • teledeployment of Android applications (via Flyve)



Beautiful dashboard

Need clear and straight forward dashboard? You will absolutely like GLPI Network´s beautiful dashboard (Metabase plugin). Metabase is an easy  way for everyone to ask questions and learn from data. Enjoy all its benefits installing the Metabase plugin for GLPI Network: learn, check, make reports and keep an eye on the performance of your network.


Service assistance module.

Looking for Service Desk which will meet ITIL standards? The service assistance module of GLPI Network meets the specified standards of ITIL v2, the most widely accepted best practice framework for service management software. Combines categorization, escalation, service level agreement, impact, urgency, priority calculation, status standardization, validation request at several levels and the implementation of automatic workflows based on business policies.


Configure and use antivirus.

Last, but not least is a security question. With GLPI Network you can configure and use antivirus to protect your network. Armadito for GLPI provides a central management console for computers´ antivirus in your IT infrastructure. It could be used to manage various kind of antiviruses like Armadito, Kaspersky and ESET Nod32. With the addition of Fusioninventory project on your central GLPI, you can also check the deployment of antivirus updates.


As you can see, GLPI Network is a complex ITSM software that meets the specific needs of your company. Check the prices for subscription here: