Formcreator 2.13.8 is available !

This version is compatible with GLPI 10.0.10 or later.

⚠️ The plugin allows you to use GLPI 10.0.6 or older, but there are known incompatibilities, including fatal errors (due to some bugfixes / improvements). If you use an out of date maintenance release, update it first !

Bug Fixes

  • restoring ticket may create inconsistency in DB (3cf3e4ebd)
  • abstractitiltarget: itil category from template shall not take precedence (8f8d9a7c4)
  • category: translation feature of dropdowns not handled (6287f1b34)
  • dropdownfield: display of username (af43a9cf1)
  • form: better theme compatibility, UI enhancement (9146ea57a)
  • form: import access restrictions may ignore uuids (9d23d4c1e)
  • formanswer: redirect after submit may lead to unavailable page (599451af4)
  • formanswer: requester can edit refused answer (c4f799b2c)
  • formanswer: show spinner when validate (c59dc72ac)
  • formanswer: status update on ticket change (079a12063)
  • glpiselectfield: disable anonymization of user for answer resolution (66bea30e0)
  • glpiselectfield,dropdownfield: prevent php warning (4da93e38e)
  • install: ineffective data fix un upgrade to 2.13.7 (c31134c35)
  • issue: SQL scaping problem when updating a ticket (56ddff261)
  • issue: bad status if ticket has valdiation on creation (fc0ea0a00)
  • locales: resolve locales management warnings (d5db37452)
  • radiosfield,checkboxesfield,glpiselectfield,requesttypefield,urgencyfield: validate default value before saving (4815abeda)
  • requesttype: force english for comparisons (7b9e94114)
  • selectfield: translation breaks validation checks (28b4781d8)
  • target_actor: actors ID not converted when duplicating a form (c5167c16c)
  • textareadield: missing translation for default value (bda43df77)


  • DropdownField: Load translation for plugin too (16a1379a8)
  • DropdownField: Load translation for plugin too (6af1766d1)
  • formanswer: log any failure when saving a answer (5d84054af)
  • formanswer: show item’s name in web page title (c7e81cb9d)
  • glpiselectfield: attach existing documents to targets (63999d068)

Find the full changes here, and download!

Formcreator 2.13.7

This version is compatible with GLPI 10.0.


⚠️ This release requires some bugfixes in GLPI to work properly. These bugfixes are included in GLPI 10.0.9 or later. Please, ensure your GLPI is up to date to prevent useless bug reports.


Bug Fixes


  • Adding READ right for display reservations menu tab (03e6281e)
  • bad lcoale in en_US (db9986f1)
  • resize dashboard to match GLPI’s core (#3306) (9272cda3)
  • TargetChange: use RichText instead of plaintext (8845b888)
  • checkboxesfield,radiosfield,selectfield: add missing error messages (66585193)
  • datefield, datetimefield: comparison against empty string (be4831c7)
  • dropdownfield: SQL error for GLPI objects / tickets and some specific rights (2539e366)
  • dropdownfield: handle specific case with Entity itemtype (bd25e7d1)
  • dropdownfield: missing entity restriction setting (54543cb3)
  • dropdownfield: prevent language switching and log error (49f8fc07)
  • fieldsfield: restore mandatory field as read only (52a9fc2b)
  • form,category: obey show count on tabs parameter (f4ebf9e5)
  • form_language: obey show counter in tab setting (9dfc3b8d)
  • formanswer: php warning (ce078990)
  • formanswer: prevent silent rejection of answers (d630302d)
  • formanswer: redirect to login if session expired (eb0acb65)
  • glpiselectfield: fix namespace (#3287) (613e0fad)
  • install: missing row in sql query, causing PHP warning (0c47776a)
  • issue: php warnings when anonymisation enabled (f6f01d7d)
  • issue: prevent fatal error in tooltip (3419affc)
  • question,section: duplicate a question or section must duplicate inner conditions (22597832)
  • section: cannot rename section twice (7bbb9b81)
  • section: condition rule loss after duplicate / import (883a1227)
  • section: duplicate form may lead to bad question id in condition (a6f9c41c)
  • section: rename section impacts display of inner questions (c4277d8c)
  • selectfield,multiselectfield: fix possible encoding problem (8aaec8ac)
  • targetchange,targetproblem: folow method call signature for fields plugin (016696ab)
  • textfield: Unescaped HTML when displaying a form answer (6ce71f95)
  • textfield: exception while displaying counters (0a857d7f)
  • textfield: target ticket title need html encoding (1b71d652)


Full changelog and downloadclick here

Formcreator 2.13.6

This version is compatible with GLPI 10.0.

⚠️ This release contains a fix which solves loss of file uploads when a validator edits the requester’s answers before approval. This fix requires a patch for GLPI 10.0.7 or older. It is recommended to apply it. The patch is available here.

⚠️ This release contains a fix to prevent multiple form submission, causing requesters to submit several times their request. This fix depends on an other fix in GLPI 10.0.7 or older available here.

Full changelog and download: click here

GLPI 9.5.x will be discontinued

Dear GLPI Community!

We would like to announce that official support for GLPI 9.5.x will be discontinued on 30.06.2023. Starting from the 1st of July 2023 (3 years after the first launch of this version) we will have to say goodbye –  there will be no new releases 9.5.x.

It is mandatory to migrate to GLPI 10.0.x in order to be covered by official support. 


—OPTION 1: You can do the migration via official partners-integrators (if you have a valid GLPI Network Subscription); or

—OPTION 2: If you choose GLPI Network Cloud, we offer a free data migration from on-premise for everyone.

We ask you to communicate the upcoming changes to your customers and finish migrations before 30.06.2023. 

Thank you! 

New Formcreator 2.13.4 is available!

This version is compatible with GLPI 10.0.

Upgrade from 2.13.0 or later

A database sanity check is done before running the upgrade. If the tables of the plugin have a difference with the expected schema the upgrade will fail with a message similar to the following:

The database schema is not consistent with the installed Formcreator 2.13.0. 
To see the logs enable the plugin and run the command bin/console glpi:database:check_schema_integrity -p formcreator

It is required to fix the database, using the diff produced by the CLI command given in the message. Once done, try again to upgrade.

ℹ️ If you know what you are doing you may bypass the sanity check from CLI with the following command.

bin/console glpi:plugin:install formcreator -f -p skip-db-check

Bug Fixes

  • handle undefined setting for service catalog homepage (411ae3597)
  • typo in french locale (f61ded17a)
  • abstractitiltarget: multiple tag questions set but not displayed in designer (90f2a95d8)
  • checkboxesfield,multiselectfield: default value not displayed (8f36ab726)
  • composite: ignore link to non existing ticket (8502d4b16)
  • condition: allow longer texts (eecdf8a2a)
  • condition: display of tested question shows wrong item (5d34da8b4)
  • condition: width of question dropdown (ce0389efd)
  • dropdownfield: empty SQL IN statement when restricted tickets rights (5c5244a85)
  • form: image upload handling in header field (5dc66a5ef)
  • formanswer: default search filter hides legit access (2dc9f8e3f)
  • formanswer: malformed search option (5339b7912)
  • formanswer: missing newline between sections of fullform tag (61122bc93)
  • formanswer: temporary disable debug mode (e9e8da484)
  • formanswer, textfield, textareafield: escaping (3e0666d4d)
  • glpiselectfield: cannot set empty value by default for entity question (fe2130bbe)
  • glpiselectfield: restore entity restriction for users (e525b3a82)
  • helpdesk: better handling of users that can’t see tickets (a93f03126)
  • install: add empty schema for new version (817a9ec7e)
  • install: resync not needed in upgrade to 2.13.4 (d66a12017)
  • install: typo in method name (eac5d77ac)
  • issue: follow entity change on ticket transfer (434bd3572)
  • issues: Tooltip consistency with core (c45d21550)
  • question: subtype plural and appliance in bad group (1f780370a)
  • tagfield: php warning (cc4b673a8)
  • targetticket: allow more itemtypes to associated elements (#3155) (cee504c24)
  • textfield: useless HTML entity encode (c3d03b51e)


  • drop support for GLPI 10.1 (a99a8bcb2)
  • dropdownfield: always show ticket id (0190adac9)
  • issue: access tickets from service catalog (a6b4f19d0)
  • question: add support for database sub itemtype (45126012d)
  • wizard: selectable home page in service catalog (95103fe54)