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Using GLPI on-premises? Do you want to try GLPI with all exclusive plugins and support package included? We offer free data migration, so you can test the platform in a production mode.

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All GLPI Network Cloud instances includes Support L.3 and covered by Teclib guarantee.

Speed of implementation‚Äč:

You do not have to make the initial installation, GLPI Network Cloud is already setup, just create your account and start parameterization.


Updates and backups are included to our offer, no need to worry about data loss anymore!


Use all exclusive GLPI plugins to enhance your experience: Branding to customize your instance, AdvancedDashboards to build your own reports, Oauthsso to login via third party providers like Facebook or Azure, etc.


Your team is growing? With monthly payments you can add as many agents as you need. Our payment system aslo allows to end service any time you want. Consult our Privacy Policy here: 

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Formcreator 2.11.4: add objects created by Generic Object to forms.



Formcreator plugin for GLPI is a plugin which allows to create custom forms of easy access. Using Formcreator in GLPI you can offer your users alternative way of ticket creation. All forms are completely translatable and wide selection of fields types is available. Today we are happy to announce the release of Formcreator plugin version 2.11.4.

Bug Fixes

  • dropdownfield,glpiselectfield:¬†entity recursivity regression
  • form:¬†compatibility with themes
  • ldapselectfield:¬†compatibility with PHP 8
  • selectfield:¬†regex comparison
  • selectfield,cheeckboxesfield:¬†too much escaping


  • glpiselectfield:¬†hook to allow plugins to declare their itemtypes

How does it work? The new feature allows to use in Formcreator new types of objects created by Generic Object plugin.

What is Generic Object plugin? This plugin allows you to add new inventory objects types, integrated into GLPI framework. Let¬īs see:

Download the release: click here or try it on GPI Network Cloud   
Important! You must use the latest version of Generic Object plugin (2.11.0) as well. Download it here.

Check our “how-to” video with step by step process:¬†


How to create beautiful reports with GLPI.



Reports are essential part of work and IT management best practices. GLPI offers a few tools to create a perfect one!

  • Built-in dashboards (available in GLPI 9.5+).

You can use built-in dashboards for Helpdesk, Asset Management or for both at the same time. You can easily add, edit, copy, delete any elements.

Use full screen mode or dark mode for presentations. Share dashboards in 1 click using the special link.

Try it now on GLPI Network Cloud

  • Advanced Dashboards.

This plugin allows administrators to create new data providers for the GLPI dasboards. It currently permits to:

  • Create connections to external MySQL databases;
  • Write SQL queries (with cool autocompletion) and save them as a data provider for a dashboard;
  • Query GLPI database or external ones
  • Export or embed results.
  • Use saved searches in dashboards


Advanced Dashboard GLPI
Try it now on GLPI Network Cloud or buy for on-premise here.

  • Metabase.

This plugin allows integration of GLPI with Metabase.

It currently permits to:

  • Connect to Metabase API.
  • Push database configuration or use existing configured db in Metabase.
  • Push GLPI foreign keys in Metabase datamodel
  • Push GLPI enumeration (tickets impacts/urgency/priority/types) in metabase datamodel
  • Push questions, collections and dashboards (if exists).
  • Integrate Metabase dashboards into GLPI (on Central).
  • Manage profiles (dashboards publication)
  • import existing questions/dashboards/collection from Metabase and save them as json

Try it now on GLPI Network Cloud or download for on-premise here.

Formcreator 2.11.3



Important note: this version is compatible with GLPI version 9.5.5.

Formcreator plugin for GLPI is a plugin which allows to create custom forms of easy access and also one or more tickets or changes when the form is filled. Today we are happy to announce the release of Formcreator plugin version 2.11.3.

Want to know more about how it works? Find the answer in our blog post.

Bug Fixes

  • condition:¬†avoid HTML entities in dropdown
  • dropdownfield:¬†disable recursivity
  • fields:¬†prevent empty expression evaluation
  • form:¬†bad sql expression for right check
  • form:¬†bad SQL to find validator groups
  • form:¬†compatibility with dark theme
  • form:¬†sort not applied on 1st display
  • form:¬†version check on import
  • formanswer:¬†load answers when validating a formanswer
  • formanswer:¬†no longer need to call showfields on display

Complete list of bugs: click here


  • form:¬†enable / disable form with single click
  • glpiselectfield:¬†databases plugin support
  • issue:¬†change status conversion matrix

Download: click this link

GLPI 9.5.5



After several weeks, Teclib’ is happy to announce the release of GLPI 9.5.5.

This release fixes a security issue that has been recently discovered. Update is recommended!

You can download the GLPI 9.5.5 archive on GitHub.

You’ll find below the list of changes in this bugfixes version:

  • Stored XSS in plugins information (CVE-2021-3486 by¬†@n3k00n3)
  • fix entity creation
  • removal of raw html in massive actions list
  • fix issue with date_creation fields updated with older instances of MySQL servers
  • fix wrong count of software counts in assets
  • Fix Core API errors on deprecation checks

The full changelog is available for more details.

We would like to thank all people who contributed to this new version and all those who contributes regularly to the GLPI project!

Looking for professional support? Check our GLPI Network Subscriptions offer or try GLPI Network Cloud. 

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