GLPI Agent 1.2 has been released.

GLPI Agent 1.2 has been released.

You’re encouraged to upgrade your GLPI agents or migrate if you’re still using FusionInventory agents.

You can download it on the GLPI Agent github project:

This release includes some fixes and enhancements. Here are the most important ones:

  • For inventory task, we integrated:
    • some patches from the FusionInventory community and our own, including lxc container inventory enhancement, AnyDesk remote managament enhancement,
    • a fix for TeamViewer remote management inventory,
    • a new feature to inventory flatpak packages on linux,
    • a fix to inventory SQL Server 2012 Express databases,
    • a fix for snap packages inventory on linux,
    • many monitor inventory enhancements for a lot of Acer monitors.
  • RemoteInventory task has been enhanced for remote ssh inventory of linux/unix platforms. It now also supports ssh user/password authentication.
  • Netdiscovery and NetInventory tasks has also been updated with few enhancements.
  • User interactions for the Deploy task had a problem with message encoding. This is fixed.
  • For the http interface, the SSL Server plugin was faulty. This is fixed and you now can select ciphers to support.
  • The injector script now supports short name as folder and the -R option handling has been fixed.
  • We added as contribution the ADMX/ADML files for agent configuration via GPO.

We also introduces with this version a new solution for linux users: You can now use the AppImage GLPI Agent installer for any linux distribution supporting AppImage format.
Just check the dedicated documentation at:

As always, you can check the more detailed changelog at:

Migration to GLPI 10: FAQ

At Teclib´ we are happy to announce that we are expecting the release of GLPI 10 in the following weeks. We have received many questions related to migration from older versions of GLPI/compatibility of plugins and decided to publish a dedicated video. Watch it on Youtube or read the transcription below.

  1. From which GLPI version I can migrate to GLPI 10?  

You can migrate to version 10 from any GLPI version (we support migrations from at least 0.80 version), all data, like users, tickets or assets, will be transferred. 

  1. What should I consider before migration? Which data can be lost in migration?  

The server must have at least PHP 7.4 and MySQL 5.6 dependencies. If your server doesn’t have these, you must upgrade these requirements. 

No data loss is expected, but as usual, make backups (files and database) and/or snapshots. 

You will need to execute some optional migrations after GLPI main update with the help of the console. 

If you have custom developments or core changes, please note they will be erased when copying the files. Consider porting them before the migration. 

  1. Which plugins will be compatible with GLPI 10?  

All plugins listed in GLPI Network Subscriptions (both Community and Exclusive ones) will be compatible with GLPI 10.  

Check for a community based list. 

  1. What advantages has native inventory? 

In addition to the small gain of not using a plugin, the feature will use less history data and database storage (for example, software updates take 1 line instead 2). 

We worked also on user experience, you have now assets separated by types for a more comfortable setup. 

It unlocks some features like partial inventories, which reduces performances footprint.  

More asset types are available for inventory (you can send files for racks, appliances, certificates, etc). 

In combination with GLPI agent, you also obtain some great features: 

  • Databases inventory 
  • Proxy mode for DMZ  
  • Remote inventory (agentless) for windows and linux. 
  • Stand-alone SNMP tasks 

Our professional support for on-premise (GLPI Network Subscriptions) covers support L.3 for migration from GLPI 9.5 to GLPI 10. 

All GLPI Network Cloud paid customers will be upgraded for free. 

Baviera TI

Baviera TI

GLPI made it possible to Baviera TI deliver proper value on its service management and provision to more than 800 users with just 3 IT agents.

Also, the internal workflows were made possible inside GLPI. Even administrative staff is an agent that can do their part of the workflows. Our job would be impossible without GLPI modules over the years.


Baviera TI

About the company

 Baviera TI is a company that works with technology, support and productivity. Its main objective is to facilitate the lives of people and companies through the best application of technology.

Industry & background

IT Service Provider. From technological advice, technical support, elaboration and execution of infrastructure expansion projects, monitoring, maintenance and redesign of workflows, seeking to obtain the best that technology can do for people.


It was hard to manage all the support tickets on e-mails. As soon as the client base started to get bigger, it got even harder. Now we can track asset state, ticketing state, the clients can have transparent support and nothing gets lost in the middle of a lot of information during the day. 

GLPI solution

GLPI made it possible to Baviera TI deliver proper value on its service management and provision to more than 800 users with just 3 IT agents. Also, the internal workflows were made possible inside GLPI. Even administrative staff is an agent that can do their part of the workflows. Our job would be impossible without GLPI modules over the years. 

We handle Incidents and Requests with GLPI Helpdesk, warranty management keeps us updated on expiration dates, contracts are not expired without managers being noted, technical staff don’t lose due dates for not being aware of tickets, assets have their historic data of changes and communication always recorded. 


Do you use GLPI and want to share your experience?

We are proud to state that our solution is used by millions of people worldwide. If you are one of them and you want to contribute the promotion, we invite you to leave your contact details.

We will be delighted to hear your story!

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GLPI 10: release candidate 3

Major features:

  • New Modern interface with Bootstrap + + Twig
  • Redesign of the timeline of Helpdesk objects
  • Native automatic inventory
  • Refresh of GANTT and reservations view
  • Kanban in helpdesk list

See changelog for detail.

Many things has changed since the release of GLPI 10.0.0-rc2, including:

  • begin to work on PHP 8.2 support (#10975)
  • issues on network ports metrics (#10987)
  • agent should be linked to computers only (#10819)
  • rework inventory logs (#10997, #11020)
  • fix IPNetwork inventory (#10983)
  • fix predefined fields in selfservice (#10886)
  • permits to reach actors loading from template when opening new ticket (#10950 )
  • and many more!

See rc2 to rc3 changelog for detail.

Report bugs:

GLPI was included to GitHub Release Radar · February 2022 Edition

Link to the article: 

Gestionnaire Libre de Parc Informatique (GLPI) is a free automatic inventory asset and IT software management package. It provides a service desk for incident reporting and requesting, license tracking, software auditing, and lots more. The team has been working on GLPI for more than 20 years! Version 10.0 has been in development for a year with lots of cool changes. There’s a new interface, the service desk has had a redesign, plus hundreds more features and improvements. Read about all of them on the website.

GLPI GitHub Release Radar