Teclib at NetEye User Group 2023 event in Germany!

We’re excited to share our experience from participation in the NetEye User Group event, which was organised by Teclib´ Gold partner in Germany Wüerth Phoenix on the 21st of September in Nuremberg. It was a day full of learning, networking, and, of course, fun! 

The program of the event included several speakers: 

  • Christoph Holz and his inspiring presentation about the profound changes that digital disruption is bringing to our working world.
  • Georg Kostner, Reinhold Trocker and Tobias Goller from the NetEye team and their valuable insights into the future development strategy in the areas of observability, AIOps, SIEM and network monitoring.
  • Gerfried Schweiger and Rainer Winter and  their insightful reports.
  • Thomas Edelmann and the team at agilimo Consulting, who highlighted the importance of SIEM technologies for the smooth running of a SOC. 
  • Wirk Römmelt from XM Cyber and his impressive insight into an attacker’s perspective and the explanation of automated cybersecurity defense through Attack Path Management.
  • Anna Kostrzewska (Channel Manager Teclib)  and Polina Marishicheva (Marketing & Communications manager at Teclib) with GLPI presentation. 

All slides are available in .PDF format on the website of the event: https://gravitate.eu/neteye-user-group/ 

Teclib was invited to talk about GLPI – the presentation was titled  “From Good to Great: GLPI’s Latest Enhancements in Asset Management and Ticketing – Achieving ITIL Compliance with Unified Monitoring Synergy”  and was a celebration of GLPI’s remarkable journey over the past 20 years. 

One of the standout features of GLPI is its ability to offer a wide range of functionalities within a single platform. Whether it’s asset management, ticketing, or user management, GLPI brings all these features together seamlessly.

The presentation also highlighted the platform’s commitment to improving, and staying at the forefront of IT asset management and ticketing solutions. Teclib’s role as the official editor of GLPI was acknowledged as a growing factor in this journey, emphasising the importance of collaboration, community, and open source in the world of IT management.

GLPI is constantly evolving, and the audience got a glimpse of what’s in store for the future. The commitment to staying up-to-date with industry trends is one of the priorities, we were happy to share work in progress. 

Teclib and Würth Phoenix are forging a strong partnership aimed at advancing open-source collaboration through the integration of GLPI into NetEye, creating an integrated unified system platform.

 This collaborative effort operates on several key fronts, including Research and Development, where both teams pool their expertise to improve the capabilities of NetEye. 

Additionally, the partnership places a significant emphasis on Security with a DevSecOps approach, ensuring that the integrated solution maintains the highest levels of data protection and resilience. Furthermore, their joint Customer Service Support and Delivery – Consultancy efforts ensure that clients receive appropriate  assistance and consulting services throughout their journey with the integrated NetEye platform. 

Users have the option to enhance their NetEye subscriptions by incorporating GLPI on-prem subscriptions, providing a comprehensive view of the extensive value-added services available within the integrated NetEye ecosystem.

With the support of its dedicated community and official partners GLPI is well-equipped to continue its journey from good to great in the world of IT asset management and ticketing.

Formcreator 2.13.7

This version is compatible with GLPI 10.0.


⚠️ This release requires some bugfixes in GLPI to work properly. These bugfixes are included in GLPI 10.0.9 or later. Please, ensure your GLPI is up to date to prevent useless bug reports.


Bug Fixes


  • Adding READ right for display reservations menu tab (03e6281e)
  • bad lcoale in en_US (db9986f1)
  • resize dashboard to match GLPI’s core (#3306) (9272cda3)
  • TargetChange: use RichText instead of plaintext (8845b888)
  • checkboxesfield,radiosfield,selectfield: add missing error messages (66585193)
  • datefield, datetimefield: comparison against empty string (be4831c7)
  • dropdownfield: SQL error for GLPI objects / tickets and some specific rights (2539e366)
  • dropdownfield: handle specific case with Entity itemtype (bd25e7d1)
  • dropdownfield: missing entity restriction setting (54543cb3)
  • dropdownfield: prevent language switching and log error (49f8fc07)
  • fieldsfield: restore mandatory field as read only (52a9fc2b)
  • form,category: obey show count on tabs parameter (f4ebf9e5)
  • form_language: obey show counter in tab setting (9dfc3b8d)
  • formanswer: php warning (ce078990)
  • formanswer: prevent silent rejection of answers (d630302d)
  • formanswer: redirect to login if session expired (eb0acb65)
  • glpiselectfield: fix namespace (#3287) (613e0fad)
  • install: missing row in sql query, causing PHP warning (0c47776a)
  • issue: php warnings when anonymisation enabled (f6f01d7d)
  • issue: prevent fatal error in tooltip (3419affc)
  • question,section: duplicate a question or section must duplicate inner conditions (22597832)
  • section: cannot rename section twice (7bbb9b81)
  • section: condition rule loss after duplicate / import (883a1227)
  • section: duplicate form may lead to bad question id in condition (a6f9c41c)
  • section: rename section impacts display of inner questions (c4277d8c)
  • selectfield,multiselectfield: fix possible encoding problem (8aaec8ac)
  • targetchange,targetproblem: folow method call signature for fields plugin (016696ab)
  • textfield: Unescaped HTML when displaying a form answer (6ce71f95)
  • textfield: exception while displaying counters (0a857d7f)
  • textfield: target ticket title need html encoding (1b71d652)


Full changelog and downloadclick here

Christian finishes the EmbrunMan race 2023!

At Teclib’, we believe that in life, it’s important to chase your personal dreams. This helps you grow as a person, feel satisfied, and discover more about yourself. One of our employees at Teclib’, Christian, had a dream: he wanted to participate in the Embrunman race.

Christian after finishing the EmbrunMan race.

On the 16th of August 2023 Christian completed the race, and we are really happy for him. After crossing the finish line and spending time with his friends and family, Christian shared his experience with us:

“I want to tell you about the race – it was the happiest moment of my life so far!

The stress started as soon as the signal went off for us to start swimming. I had to swim in the dark, without light, so I followed others until the sun came up. When I got out of the water, my time was 1 hour and 10 minutes – which was great! That was my goal – to swim fast and efficiently. I achieved it!

Getting ready for the biking part, I realized it was going to be a very long day, at least 7 hours and 30 minutes of cycling before the marathon. I cycled for 8 hours with a 30-minute delay. I decided to be careful on the downhill parts to avoid accidents like the one I had three weeks ago. On the uphill sections, I kept my energy steady at 200 watts and managed the Izoard pass.

Around kilometer 140, I had doubts, but my coach encouraged me. He said I was behind by 20 minutes, but I was strong where others were not, especially in the marathon. EmbrunMan is tough mentally, but I could do it. I knew it was going to be hard, and I signed up for it, so I kept going.

Finishing the bike part was great, but the moment I looked forward to the most was the marathon. My coach gave me a strategy: run at 5 minutes and 10 seconds per kilometer for the first 14 kilometers, then at 5 minutes and 25 seconds per kilometer for the next 14 kilometers, and then just do my best for the last 14 kilometers.

I followed his advice, sometimes even running faster than I expected. I kept my energy in check and maintained a steady pace. Gradually, I caught up with those who were ahead of me. I felt like I was floating, even though I was tired and dehydrated.

Christian running during the EmbrunMan race.

The last 14 kilometers felt never-ending, and I thought I might collapse. I saved my last energy gel until I felt like I was losing control at kilometer 39. Taking it gave me the strength to cross the finish line. I saw my Colombian flag held by a fellow athlete, and I proudly finished the race.

I heard my mom’s voice and the cheers from my fellow athletes from Les Sardines Club throughout the race. It took me 13 hours and 54 minutes, but I achieved my secondary goal of finishing in less than 14 hours. The main goal was to complete the marathon in less than 4 hours, and although I did it in 4 hours and 10 minutes, my friends called it “the comeback” because my coach said it was an impressive marathon.

I finished feeling dizzy and dehydrated, but my triathlete friends assured me it was normal. They told me to rest a bit in the medical tent. That’s how I ended the most anticipated day of 2023 and the most wonderful day of my life so far!

My mom was a huge support before, during, and after the race. Seeing her along the course gave me energy and made me proud. Friends and other members of Les Sardines Club were there at different points along the 231-kilometer race. Without them, no one could finish a race like this. The medal I earned belongs to them too.

Christian’s results after the EmbrunMan race.

Teclib’ is thrilled to sponsor and support Christian in his athletic journey. We believe in the values of determination, perseverance, and pushing boundaries, which Christian exemplifies through his participation in the Embrunman race. We are proud to stand behind him as he embodies these athletic ideals.

New silver partner in Burkina Faso: CVP

We are happy to announce our new Silver partner in Burkina Faso: CVP.

CVP is a Digital Services Company (ESN), offering for more than 18 years solutions related to business information systems (outsourcing, systems integration, systems and networks, IT audit).

As part of the partnership established with us, CVP’s teams support customers in the success of their projects to set up a service management solution with GLPI.

They are with you at all stages of the project: initiation, planning, execution, control and closure.

They offer the following services:

  • Outsourcing;
  • Internet services;
  • Trainings;
  • Audit and advice;
  • Software and hardware sales;
  • System and network;
  • Software engineering;
  • Energy and telecommunications.

Website: https://bit.ly/45inMwi

We are excited that GLPI ITSM solution is becoming more and more represented all over the world and GLPI Network (our support offer for on-premises – get your IT Infrastructure secured) subscription service will be available for more customers through our new partners.

Our large partnership network is always open for new collaborations. If you are interested in representing one of our products in your country, get in touch with us: https://glpi-project.org/contact_us/

Being a partner means:

  • Having an a direct access to the Teclib´s tech expertise;
  • Get special discounts;
  • Access official support,
  • Many other tools which will help you to gain more customers and increase reputation on the market by adding open source ITSM to your portfolio.

Discover all benefits of being a partner here: https://glpi-project.org/partners/

Teclib goes to Embrunman in 2023.


In a few hours our colleague Christian Osorio will start one of the most prestigious races – Embrunman 2023. Here he is sharing with us his feelings and thought before the triathlon will start: 


“With only a few hours left before the EmbrunMan event, I’m starting to feel a good kind of nervousness! I’ve been getting ready for this day for 8 months, working with my Club members, family, and friends. It’s all been leading up to August 15.

As the time goes by, I’m feeling more and more excited and happy. I can’t help but imagine myself crossing the finish line tomorrow during the race!

Christian Osorio prepares for Embrunman 2023.

The bike ride I’m going to do will be the longest one I’ve ever done. But I feel prepared because I’ve been training with my coach and the Les Sardines Triathlon Marseille Club.

The plan for eating and drinking is all set! I’ve included my race plan and imagined how it will go”.

The importance of preparation before the race:

This is what I’ll use during the race in the three different parts. Each thing has an important job, and I can’t forget anything. If I do, I’ll have to make choices during the race to adjust my speed, stop to eat and drink at the planned times, and change how I get my energy and water. The weather will be very hot, so I think I’ll need to drink about 800ml of water every hour for 12 hours. I’ll also eat about 66g of sugar every hour for 12 hours, and I’ll have to keep taking minerals to help my body hold onto water. To stay safe in the sun, I’ll wear a white helmet, a cap, and use SPF 50 sunscreen for kids! I’ve got the tools to change my bike tire two times if I need to.

Embrunman 2023:

Wow, I’m so excited to do this race with a big uphill climb of over 400 meters! I want to feel every step of the way up to the 42nd kilometer. I know there will be times when I feel sure of myself, times when I doubt, feel scared, zone out, and even times when everything seems unclear. But these moments will make me think and grow, and I’ll make important choices.

This kind of challenge is like practice for life. It will help me handle everyday challenges calmly, with discipline and accuracy! I’ll be really happy when I finish this triathlon that I’m looking forward to so much. I hope I’ll have a medal around my neck tomorrow! 🏅

Teclib x Christian are getting ready!

GLPI 10.0.9

Following the last releases of 10.0.8, a few annoying issues has been detected:

  • Update script uses a SQL function incompatible with MySQL 5.7 (#15141)
  • Private follow-ups and tasks are invisible to users with appropriate rights (#15128)

In the same time, a moderate security advisory has been reported (SQL injection in dashboard administration – CVE-2023-37278) and fixed in this release.

We released a new version to address these bugs, you can download the GLPI 10.0.9 archive on GitHub.